Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pepsi Caribbean Gold

Famous for annually releasing eccentric new flavours like cucumber, baobab, and mont blanc, the new product we've all been waiting for from Pepsi and this year's topical flavour is "Pepsi: Caribbean Gold". A shining gold soda that will be flavoured with white sapote.

White Sapote is harvested when it is still young and relatively hard and then allowed to ripen after picking. It is soft and easy to eat.
The very strong sweetness of the fruit makes it easy to forget that it's a member of the citrus family and the flavour is something like a mix between a banana and a pear.

Let's learn Japanese
新商品 sinsyouhin

New Product 


  1. I've noticed when in Japan there's a lot more flavors of drinks, I tend to like the Fanta melon soda when I go there.

  2. We don't get stuff like this in america :(
    it sounds good

  3. I've tried that stuff before, It's so delicious!

  4. Sounds like it can be tasty ! ")

  5. looks like... oh wait. somebody already said it. damn.

  6. banana + spear... hmmm i wonder what it tastes like

  7. wooow i have to buy it. seems so tasty!!
    thanks bro, got ya! +1

  8. I will try it but only if it was black :)