Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you know FC2?

Many readers may know that fewer Japanese than expected upload videos to the youtube website.

That isn't because Japan blocks access to youtube like it does to many Chinese video websites, but because Japan has many video websites of its own!

Smile Video is particularly popular, and well known for its unique video comment system; the comments are placed real time on the video at the moment you make them and roll across the screen for other viewers to read and respond to.

But ニコニコ動画 (nikoniko douga) [abbreviated ニコ動 nikodou] isn't the only Japanese website to use this comment system.

Sunflower Video [here you can see the video of the flying reconnaissance orb on ひまわり動画(himawari douga)] and SayMove also use this video comment system!

But do you notice something else in common between ひまわり動画 and SayMove! ? In the corner it says FC2, that's because both of these video sites are now part of the larger FC2 website.

Both ひまわり動画 and SayMove! were in trouble because of copyright infringement caused by some of the videos uploaded to their respective websites. They would have to close down, but FC2 came to the rescue at the last moment.

FC2 has its own video page but some of the videos are only available to members, and others only available to members with pay accounts.

What do you think of the Japanese video websites and comments culture?

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  2. Interesting stuff! Following for more. I take it you are Japanese?

  3. Interesting, i love the sight nikoniko douga!

  4. Great stuff. Going to check out those sites.

  5. Very very interesting! Thank you for teaching us some new things about another culture!

  6. I never even realized, thank you for the informative post
    domo arigato