Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man falls to death avoiding Football

サッカーボール避けバイクの男性(87)骨折→認知症→翌年、食物誤嚥で死亡 蹴った少年の親に1500万円賠償命令
An 87 year old man fell from his bicycle avoiding a flying football and received many broken bones → developed dementia → and the next year died of pulmonary aspiration ... Family seeks 15000000 JPY in reparation from the the parents of the boy who kicked the ball.

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In an Oosaka court a case has been opened to determine if a 19 year old boy is responsible for negligent behaviour when he was a 5th year primary school student and kicked a football out of the pitch which caused a man passing by on his bicycle to fall and at the age of 87 lose his life.

According to the boy's defense, in February 2004 he was doing free kick practice at the school pitch when a kick aimed at the goal flew over the school gate and rolled onto the street. A man on a bicycle attempting to avoid the ball fell and broke his leg. After that incident he developed symptoms of dementia and in July of the next year accidentally intook some foodstuffs into his trachea and died of pulmonary asphyxiation.

The boy's defense claims "He kicked the ball towards the goal like normal, there's nothing in illegal in that," but on the 27th the decision came that, "Depending on the manner in which the ball was kicked, it would be possible to foretell its traveling into the street. Because the boy was a minor at the time he has no legal responsibility, however his parents are responsible to pay restitution."


3 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:20:41.75 ID:gzs1o7Ih0
きびしいな Wow that's strict

4 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:21:03.11 ID:ZM9YAF3E0
これはメチャクチャ This is all messed up

7 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:21:51.29 ID:L+QCGSgB0
直接の死因ならまだしもなあ Even if it had been the direct cause of death I'm still on the fence about this one

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Ignoring the child, isn't the problem here that there was a net to catch stray balls behind the goal?

20 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:23:35.46 ID:lxkl6cue0
Rather than the boy and his parents, isn't this the schools fault for positioning the goal in a way such that balls might fly into the street?

385 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:46:15.68 ID:ZM9YAF3E0
Even if someone was held responsible for that it would be the contstruction planners
It's completely unbelievable that they would seek restitution from the child's parents

24 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:23:51.68 ID:413Wy/520
How is breaking your leg linked with dementia anyway?

66 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:27:51.23 ID:4rUmvSZq0
Immobility can addle the mind easily
The body also weakens rapidly, so for a lot reasons a broken bone in the eldery is very dangerous

31 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:24:29.16 ID:Ypiy5i/h0

I think it's definitely bad to just kick and throw balls around with no regard to where they might go.
But in this case rather than the actions of the child, I think the blame rests with the school.

32 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:24:30.80 ID:CTspaF000

Why didn't the sue the school and the city for not making it such that the ball couldn't fly out in the first place

34 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:25:08.81 ID:3opJpjOeI
What if a child had ran out into the street? Would that be the same thing

302 :名無しさん@12周年:2011/06/28(火) 12:40:58.24 ID:lwZHwX5p0

If it had been a child instead of a ball than the fault would lie with the old man

Let's learn Japanese! 
骨折 kossetu
A broken bone


  1. there's no link between the incident, the dementia, or the cause of death!

  2. The only way the kid could be to blame is if he was actually aiming for the guy, and it sounds like he wasn't.

  3. Sounds like a case for Phoenix Wright.

  4. Is this true? Haha. That's crazy.

  5. Wow this is a sick story, how did it possible happen?

  6. This is just a tragic accident, no one is truly to blame. I second what the other commenter said: Phoenix Wright where are you?

  7. Seems a bit of a stretch to me. But sad either way. :(

  8. Must have been a terrible thing to happen.

  9. minor or not. it's the schools/citys fault for not securing their play ground.
    if you walk past a football field where pupils are playing you'd have to expect that there might be some balls flying out of bounce.