Friday, June 24, 2011

Cold Tea Syndrome

"We are drinking tea from Shizuoka City" project begins ... participants names are revealed on website

1 :名無しさん@涙目です。(福岡県):2011/06/24(金) 14:25:04.35 ID:6zMyrrj00 ?PLT
After tea produced in the Kiyomizu district of Sizuoka city was determined to contain excessive levels of radioactive caesium, the mayor Mr. Nobuhiro Tanabe announced on the 23rd that he would begin the "We are drinking tea from Shizuoka City" project. Mayor Tanabe has said, "By taking the initiative to drink locally produced tea ourselves, we can allay negative rumours." 

The project has the government and local businesses working together to purchase and promote the imbibing of locally produced tea. By revealing the names of participants in the project on the internet, the hope is that fans of Shizuoka Tea will increase in number.

Let's see the Japanese response

2 :名無しさん@涙目です。(千葉県):2011/06/24(金) 14:25:20.76 ID:H47aIEbY0
二度と飲まねえ I'll never drink it again 

7 :名無しさん@涙目です。(千葉県):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:00.29 ID:cj4mx5IY0
嫌がらせだな This must be some sort of prank

10 :名無しさん@涙目です。(福岡県):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:12.42 ID:nKb9DYLS0
キチガイが考えそうなことだな It's the sort of rubbish a madman would come up with

11 :名無しさん@涙目です。(長屋):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:14.35 ID:fMi8sTGX0
逆効果な事しかしないなこいつ This guy doesn't do anything that doesn't have the opposite effect he desired

13 :名無しさん@涙目です。(西日本):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:36.83 ID:ArYSsxJT0
ホント馬鹿 What a fucking ijit

18 :名無しさん@涙目です。(岡山県):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:50.48 ID:ff5A03p+0
知事だけでなく市長そっち側かよ So not only the governor but even the mayor is on their side, huh!

12 :名無しさん@涙目です。(福岡県):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:33.90 ID:WNov7RBy0
どんな意味があるんだ  What's the point of this 

16 :名無しさん@涙目です。(catv?):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:47.60 ID:JCxNmMRD0
隔離リストか A list of people to keep away from, huh?

19 :名無しさん@涙目です。(山梨県):2011/06/24(金) 14:26:55.59 ID:DACM5XEN0
私汚染されてます!って実名で公表されるようなもんだろ They're basically announcing "Hey, I'm contaminated!" and using their real names

30 :名無しさん@涙目です。(dion軍):2011/06/24(金) 14:27:45.67 ID:2zVwLH+f0
さらし者じゃねーかwThey're being pilloried lol! 

Let's learn Japanese
お茶 otya


  1. i'll drink some. i'm not scared. i worked at the J-PARC facility for months.

  2. Did you really? What did you do there? You're a particle physicist?

  3. Ijit

  4. haha those japanese can't half take the piss, hope some of them said it to her face