Sunday, June 12, 2011

Japanese students' homework is fun, says Chinese website

This is a thread from a Chinese message board that became news in Japan. I will not translate the Chinese user's handlenames, and the comments in parenthesis are from the article and not my own. 
●  OP: Will_Smith 
Japanese elementary school student's homework is relatively simple. At lower grade levels it can be finished in about 20 minutes. Furthermore, what they do for homework is fun. Tooth cleaning charts. Picture diaries. Star and insect observation notes and diaries. During long holidays they write response to reading or free study reports. The ability to learn is developed from the elementary level in Japanese children. They also learn manners and humility, to give warm greetings and thanks for food, and to greet their father when he comes home from work. 
● 愛情的瘋子  Chinese elementary school homework would be a good contender against Chinese high school homework(Chinese elementary school students get lots of homework every day)
● 我為人民幣服務 Japanese elementary school students are doing the same things as our university students
● MakiのLove 
Our country's elementary school students in the cities are always learning one thing or another... English or Piano or Dance. I'm not commenting on it, it's just how it is. I dunno if Japan is the same or not (There are also many Japanese students who are busy every day with learning) 
● 海清香檳 Chinese students are fighting on a rail which doesn't allow failure (There is very tough competition in China)
● xufeifly I've seen a lot of elementary school students sent to cram schools by their parents. It doesn't bother me now, but if I have children, while they are still elementary school students I want to let them play as much as they like and study less. There are good and bad things to both sides.
● q286031237  I dunno about Japanese placement tests but, in China elementary, junior and senior high schools, the goal is always focused on one exam sheet. If you want to do something else, there's no place for you.
● 涙研  My little brother is learning swimming, art, and music. He's at a middle level of sadness.
●  帯我探迩 Looking to the future... if I have kids, I want to send them to Japanese school. If you ask me, children's happiness comes first. What happens in the future is up to the individual, and the path for your child is best left to them. I won't limit my child in the same way I was.
● 不猥瑣的暗夜男 I don't think the Japanese education system is so good. Ours is just terrible. (Is it really so bad?)
● 悪魔?棒棒糖 I feel bad for Chinese students.
● 逆天小虫 There's a never changing phenomenon in China, that while adults go on doing bad things, they teach the good things to the children.

... I think this kind of "news" is bullocks. Japan always wants to look better than China. We don't have to, China is still a developing country.
Anyway, I don't like this kind of xenophobia that says our Asian neighbours are all so terrible. Or the nationalist idea that says we are so great.

What do you think?

Let's learn Japanese!
くだらない kudaranai


  1. interesting. I've always wondered the kind of relationships the different asian countries have with eachother

  2. Something tells me that maybe.... Just maybe... Our system is doing something wrong :P

  3. thanks for sharing interesting to learn about Asian education wish we did cool stuff like that when i was in elementary.

  4. Are you japanese?Next year I will most probably go to Tokyo university.Hope we talk these in japan:D


  6. Homework... Fun? If that is true we need to learn how to make it fun over here in the west :P

    I do like the manners though. I would go insane if I had to act civil 24/7 !