Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old(ish) Chinese News

(Because the last post made me feel like I was stirring up animosity between Japan and Korea)


A boy who was about to jump to his death was saved when suddenly a girl he didn't know kissed him ... China 

1 :名無しさん@涙目です。(dion軍):2011/06/22(水) 11:05:16.77 ID:pdkzXTAc0 ?PLT
In Canton Province, China, a boy who was planning to jump to his death lost his will to commit suicide when a girl who was passing by kissed him. The girl pretended to be the boy's girlfriend and embarked on this brave mission, Chinese press reports.
June 11th, a 16 year old boy was planning to jump from a pedestrian bridge. A 19 year old girl who saw this lied to the people gathering saying that she was his girlfriend and approached him to convince him not to do it. Before long the girl embraced the boy and boldly kissed him. Suddenly being kissed by a girl he didn't know, the boy lost the will to die and was rescued by the fire brigade.

Let's see the Japanese response

3 :名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都):2011/06/22(水) 11:06:07.96 ID:KsHr4BP40
      ,.r''´      ; ヽ、
,ri'  、r-‐ー―'ー-、'ヽ、
r;:   r'´        ヽ ヽ
(,;_ 、  l          ::::i 'i、
r'´    i'   _,   _,.:_:::i  il!
ヾ ,r  -';! '''r,.,=,、" ::rrrテ; ::lr ))
! ;、 .:::;!    `´'  :::.   ' .::i: ,i'
`-r,.ィ::i.      :' _ :::;:. .::::!´
.l:i.     .__`´__,::i:::::l
r-i.     、_,.: .::/
!:::;::! ::.、     .:::r,!
l::::::::ト __` 二..-',r'::::-、
l;::i' l:     ̄,.rt':::::::/   ` -、
,r' ´  ヽr'ヽr'i::::::::;!'´

ソレナンテ・エ・ロゲ[Sorenant et Roage]
(1599~1664 フランス)

16 :名無しさん@涙目です。(福岡県):2011/06/22(水) 11:07:27.91 ID:MrzXAtKP0
ちょっと中国行ってくる。 brb, going to china 

18 :名無しさん@涙目です。(関東・甲信越):2011/06/22(水) 11:07:33.83 ID:jhRgLsR9O
ちょっと自殺の演技してくる brb, going to fake a suicide attempt

29 :名無しさん@涙目です。(長屋):2011/06/22(水) 11:07:57.74 ID:5ZLfKWoZ0
He must have been really unpopular with the ladies if one kiss was all it took to bring him down

31 :名無しさん@涙目です。(秋田県):2011/06/22(水) 11:08:06.14 ID:5ZVPNuvX0
やっすい命やな  What a cheap life

11 :名無しさん@涙目です。(チベット自治区):2011/06/22(水) 11:06:51.19 ID:DGUyPnDyP
早く画像早く。 Somebody post pics NAO!

36 :名無しさん@涙目です。(dion軍):2011/06/22(水) 11:08:25.91 ID:pdkzXTAc0
画像あったわ  pics





49 :名無しさん@涙目です。(神奈川県):2011/06/22(水) 11:09:38.28 ID:+ueRT5UG0
顔見えないな I can't see his face

52 :名無しさん@涙目です。(神奈川県):2011/06/22(水) 11:09:45.37 ID:CWpv8cdn0
3枚目硬直しててワラタ He went stiff in the third pic lol

75 :名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都):2011/06/22(水) 11:11:10.41 ID:XVtsop//0
こんなアグレッシブにキスされたら硬直するわ絶対 You would too if you were kissed this aggressively

76 :名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都):2011/06/22(水) 11:11:14.08 ID:8com3ICsP
WTF is china like a porn world?

99 :名無しさん@涙目です。(catv?):2011/06/22(水) 11:12:45.64 ID:puHY5rWAi
意味不明にもほどがあるだろw  This is just beyond belief

118 :名無しさん@涙目です。(九州):2011/06/22(水) 11:14:25.13 ID:X2zsi2igO
He played out in his head the girl saying "When you come down we'll continue what comes after the kiss" 

Let's Learn Japanese
飛び降り自殺 tobiori zisatu 
Suicide by jumping from a high place


  1. That is impressive. Sometimes, all it takes is a humane gesture.