Monday, June 27, 2011

Akiko Wada voices complaints re: Lady Gaga's charity

和田アキ子、レディ・ガガの寄付金額に不満 「稼いでる割に少ない」
Akiko Wada, re: Lady Gaga's charity donation "It's not very much for how much she's earning"

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額に不満?アッコ ガガの震災寄付金「少ない」

This is the news that Akiko Wada (61) said on her TBS programme "Leave it to Akko" on the 26th re: Lady Gaga's recent earthquake relief donation that the amount wasn't particularly impressive.

Lady Gaga donated approximated 240000000 JPY including some of her own pocket money for the restoration of areas effected by the great eastern Japanese earthquake. Mrs. Wada said "For Gaga who makes 720
0000000 JPY per annum, I don't think it's very much."

Instead of the Japanese response today, let's learn a little bit about Mrs. Akiko Oda.

Akiko Wada was born Bokja Kim in Japan. She is what is called a 在日韓国人 or Japanese Resident Korean. They are Korean families left in Japan after the second great war, although now they are many generations living in Japan they don't have Japanese citizenship or voting rights.
Many live in poverty and the perceived crime rate is very high. In Japan it is common manners to ignore this problem, and the average Japanese attitude is "Why don't they just naturalise if they want to be citizens?" (There are many issues related to national identity which I won't address here)
Mrs. Wada became a naturalised Japanese Citizen when she married the CEO of her Production Company. That is how she got the name Akiko Wada. Previously she sang under the pseudonym Fukuko Kaneumi. Since her first marriage she has been divorced and remarried several times.

Akko-san as she's known is very famous for being highly opionated. Her past is filled with incidents, some violent, but she always assumes the moral high ground.

She's the sort of persistent celebrity that everybody loves to hate and loves to be hated.

Let's learn Japanese!
在日 zainiti
Koreans in Japan


  1. Aww... I like Lady Gaga in a weird sort of way.

  2. I hate lady gaga, but they shouldn't complain that she hasn't given enough, that's just etiquette.

  3. 白夜(byakuya) is right, but it's only one woman saying this キチガイ(kitigai = mad) thing.

  4. 240000000 JPY is probably half the amount Gaga spends on makeup and hideous clothes every month.

  5. Good share, wait for next post.

  6. It bothers me when people announce how much money they're giving to charity. You should keep the donation anonymous. It's not about receiving credit.

  7. i hate lady gaga, plz come with something else, i like ur blog though!